I know that I’m a week behind. I apologize if this has kept you up nights wondering if I would continue. Have no worries, my loves, I am here & fine. Just got a bit behind schedule this week. So what should we talk about today? The current issues of life? My parents? My son? Frankly, the options are unlimited. I’m actually not going to discuss the current crazy situation in my life. I want to wait a few weeks until I see how it plays out. It’s a doozie.

Let’s instead discuss you. I keep prattling on & on about this thing I call life but I know very little about YOU. I know. You are wondering how on earth we could possibly discuss your life through this blog. I would venture to guess it will be easier than you think. No, I’m not psychic. I’m a Christian, remember? Not really compatible.

I am assuming there are almost 10 of you reading this because you know me & love me. (HI Mom! Hi Besties!! Hugs!) Now, obviously, I know these people fairly well. I could probably blog about their lives just as easily as I do my own. Heck, I could pick one person I know a day and blog a quick little post about their life & keep myself busy for several years. Maybe I will do just that. Better keep reading. One day, you might find yourself in my title. LOL! (my ornery side kicked in!)

The other people reading this, well, I don’t know your personal details. Nor will I. But I know you are reading my post so I can assume you are 1) curious about my life 2) you have no freaking clue or 3) something that you have read is resonating within you somewhere, somehow. Since I find my day to day life bland & uninteresting, those of you that said it is about curiosity, must be wondering about how I maintain a fairly decent level of intelligence, the ability to work full time & not drool on myself following the insanity I have shared thus far. Weeelllll…..don’t put too much weight into the lack of drool thing. 🙂 Just teasing. I only drool in my sleep. If you said you have no freaking idea why you keep reading this bunk, I would say you really fall into the third category. See? That wasn’t hard at all.

Now, why does what I’m posting resonate within you? Somewhere, somehow, for some reason, I am speaking to a part of you that needs to know that you are not alone in your fears, your feelings, your lack of hope, your hope for hope, your need to be freed of the past, and/or so many other thoughts that run through your mind leaving you to wonder if you are absolutely nuts or if anyone else thinks like you. Oh Hear Ye, Hear Ye! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! None of us are. We are one smile away from another human. We are one prayer away from God. We are one 911 phone call away from a First Responder. Does this keep us from feeling alone? Nope. But it does remind us that all of the people we pass by every day is a potential shoulder to cry on, or may need one themselves.

Ok, enough about you. Let me tell you a quick story about how I came to have a roommate. After Andrew died, one of my sister’s flew in from Florida to spend a week with me. My family was afraid for me to be alone, as they should have been. As she was preparing to leave, they were still freaking out (in the most loving of freak out ways) so I sent a text to my friend from church. She said she would come stay with me for a few weeks. She had NO IDEA why I needed someone. She just packed a bag & showed up. While she was here, I realized it was best for me to have HER around. Not just “someone,” but this specific someone. Now, I have mentioned before, I have amazing friends & family, so finding someone to stay with me for a few days, even weeks would not have been impossible. But to find one that I knew without a doubt was meant to live with me, that’s big. We get along spectacularly, we live our own lives, buy our own food, wash our own clothes & when we get time together we cherish it. It happens much less than people would think. This morning, we ran to Cracker Barrel for a spontaneous breakfast & we stopped to play in the toy sand box before we left. A few weeks ago, a strange bird had us trapped outside of our door. We were armed with open umbrellas huddled on the porch & we were laughing so hard, I almost wet my pants (TMI? Sorry). I bring this up to show you that is how quickly God swooped in & saved my life. I have no doubt in my mind that without this beautiful, bright, vibrant friend sensing my text meant something serious was going on, I WOULD be that girl with the drool. I would not have the smile on my face that I have. She is consistently with me enough to encourage, to support, to allow me to cry, to remind me of scripture, to bring me a glass of water or make a cup of tea or to watch Netflix or to stand in our bedroom doors having a quick chat before bed.

So I ask you this…Are You Alone? Why? Reach out. Send that text! I am not saying it erases everything. I still cry. I still ache. I still miss him so very very much. But even when I feel so isolated, I can’t bear the thought of spending another minute without him, I realize I can’t bear the thought of my life without this silly sand box, owl loving, smoothie drinking girl. I thank God every day that He knew who I needed that day. She has blessed me ever since.

We all need at least one person in our corner. To motivate us, make us pee our pants laughing or pick us up when we fall. If you don’t know who that is in your life, take a quick inventory. Odds are, you have more than one, I know I do. If you don’t, we need to have a serious talk. The best way to make friends, is to be a friend. So get out there & be friendly! Don’t be creepy about it, but make some dang friends.

Get up, love the uglies, make some friends. Challenge of the week: Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in at least 4 months. Put an end to that silence. Report back in.

And remember, in case no one tells you this week: I LOVE YOU! Have a blessed week!

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