Google defines the word “Best” as “of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type of quality.” It defines “Friend” as “a person whom one knows & with whom one has a bond of mutual affection…”

I preface this post with the declaration that my friends are the absolute most amazing. I almost pity people that don’t get to be around my friends because I truly feel it means your life is lacking in a huge way. 

Let me give you MY definition of friendship. I just spent 6 hours with two of my friends. I consider these two my Besties. I have plenty of other great friends, even best friends. But just two Besties. The qualifications to reach that special title are of great importance & I believe are as follows:

  • Sense of humor. I’m a laugh whore! I love to laugh. It’s not hard to get me going. But I need peeps with a similar sense of humor so we aren’t staring at each other awkwardly trying to interpret the joke.
  • Silliness. No, this is not the same as above. Tonight is a great example. We went to Meijer, we laughed at everything! We had children’s umbrellas opened with the frog & monkey faces covering ours so we could selfie. We stood on skateboards & selfied. We took pictures with wooden signs & funny faces. Anything that seemed obnoxious was fair game.
  • Tears. Yeah, this one sounds weird as I say it to myself but let’s be honest, it matters. When I break down crying hysterically, who do I need? The Besties. When they break down crying, who do they need? The Besties. Women bond through emotions. Tears are our concrete. 
  • Food. I have body image issues like most women but dang! I love my food! And yes we sat down tonight & ate appetizers, steaks, sides, salads & a giant chocolate cake thing! It was phenomenal! We needed it. I don’t care how much they weigh & they don’t care how much I weigh. Bringing me to…
  • Unconditional Acceptance. Easy to wish for, expect even. Much more difficult to do. But when a few misfits find one another, sometimes it happens. We have all been broken but what do we learn from those breaks? My Besties & I have all learned how it hurts to not be accepted just for being who we are. So we give that acceptance freely to each other, as well as other people we encounter. 
  • Encouragement. No matter what. I have told these women that I may not always support every choice they make but I will always support them. We text uplifting words of our own wisdom, silly selfies, Pinterest pictures, scriptures, or whatever we think the group needs. Last count, we are well over 2000, in approximately a month. Yeah, we are those girls! 
  • Love. Should go without saying. But sadly, not everyone can do this. Yes. I’m saying it. Loudly. Proudly. And heterosexually. I LOVE MY BESTIES!! I have no shame in saying this. I am comfortable in my sexuality. They are comfortable in theirs. We tell each other we love each other at least 5 times a day. We are all going through rough spots & the love I get from them is sometimes all I get that day. 
  • Honest. Is it always pretty? Nope. Does it always feel warm & fuzzy? Nope. But it’s necessary. Can’t have relationships without it. 

Ok. Is that completely comprehensive? Not necessarily. But it boils down to this. When you find a person or two that lets you drop all pretenses, loves you anyways & will move heaven & hell to keep you smiling, wipes your boogers & tells you the truth about things…grab tightly! Folks, Besties aren’t everywhere so make sure they know how important they are to your life. I know I try to, daily. And if they didn’t before this, they should now.

Love you C &  C. 💗


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